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Game Description

The light has forsaken this land, and not for the first time. Centuries ago, it was overrun by darkness and then saved by a hero whose lifelong quest was to eradicate evil. The hero succeeded, and in the end, Lucifuge, King of the Dragons, was destroyed... at least for the time being. In the many long years since that time, Lucifuge has been gathering his forces and his power, and has finally regained enough of his former strength to return.

So the land is once again in need of a savior. It will be no easy task, dear adventurer. In the last age, Lucifuge and his minions controlled but a small country. This time, he has sent his forces to sow chaos and darkness throughout the world. Only a brave adventurer will be able to conquer him and restore peace and order to the world.
Dear adventurer. You shall be tested dearly.


Game Information

Time:Real Time
Launch Status:Open Beta
Date Added:January 18, 2010

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